Bubble Gum Hash Flavored with Natural Turps

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Strain: Bubblegum

Species: 40% Sativa / 60% Indica

Flavours: Bubblegum, Fruit

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A company favorite! This bubble gum hash is bursting our bubbles every time we try it. A highly recommended sativa strain which comes from Indiana, it has a few records under it’s belt while boasting a fairly good 15 – 20% THC content. Bubble Gum Hash produces a faint and curious sweet smell and a wonderfully happy and positive feeling and mentality.

Take part in the championship history of this has and it’s bubbly and gummy characteristics.

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1 gram, 1 Oz., 1/2 Oz., 5 grams

8 reviews for Bubble Gum Hash Flavored with Natural Turps

  1. maximus11 (verified owner)

    Realy awesome taste and smell like real bubble gum !

  2. steeloo47

    Best thing I’ve ever smelt!

  3. Jarv (verified owner)

    Exactly as described. Those who enjoy hash will appreciate the flavor and the high

  4. Johnsnoe (verified owner)

    Amazing! Great smell and taste. Exactly how it should be! Wish I could give 6 stars

  5. Johns (verified owner)

    By far my favorite hash to date. This stuff really smells like bubble gum.

  6. Jackaroo420 (verified owner)

    This is just amazing great taste when smoked first its bubble gum then the hash taste comes through if you dont try chewing it first

  7. Paulo Henrique ouza (verified owner)

    I got it once, it actually taste like a bubble gum 🙂

  8. Jackaroo420 (verified owner)

    Never bad choice still waiting for review approval

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