Looking to buy your cannabis by the pound? We have a selection of high quality cannabis products that are available not just by the ounce but also by the pound. They are securely packaged and ready to ship out to you all over Canada.

If you are interested in buying your weed by the pound then full out our form to send our staff a message. Let us know which strain you are looking for and they will get back to you right away with instructions on how you can order your pound and the current bulk pricing available for that strain!

Why Only Three Strains?

Our UK Cheese, Rockstar and Death Bubba are our most popular and highest quality strains. Our cultivators have spend decades refining and tweakign these strains to the absolute best cannabis that can be produced. If you are interested in other strains. Simply fill out the form and indicate “Other” and write in which of our strainsĀ  from our catalogue you wish to make a bulk purchase.

How much does it cost?

The price of our bulk orders changes depending on how much you decide to order. The more you order the lower the cost per ounce. So stock up! its going to save you in the long run!