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General Questions

Is Marijuana Legal?

Yes. In 2001, Canada legalized the use of marijuana. Until recently, those with Health Canada approval were allowed to grow marijuana for their personal use, designate someone to grow it for them, or obtain marijuana directly from Health Canada.


If I want to use Marijuana, is smoking my only option?

​No. ​There are various way in which people can benefit from medical marijuana. While some patients choose to smoke, other patients use a vaporizer, steep it in tea or use it as an ingredient in food recipes.

Vaporizers are a relatively newer technology that is similar to smoking the dry herbs, but without any of the negative effects of actually burning the plant matter. The marijuana gets heated up and active medicinal ingredients get released in a vapour form. ‘Vaporizing’ is generally more efficient and conservative.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”col-md-6″]

Online Questions

How do I place an order?

You need to click here to register an account.

After you have registered an account in the link above then you can place orders for your Recreational Marijuana easily through our online store.

To order, simply add the products you want to your cart, select how many grams you would like of each, and continue through our secure check out process. You can pay by INTERAC e-transfer and bitcoin.