Blueberry Hash – True Blue All Natural

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Strain: Blueberry

Species: 30% Sativa / 70% Indica

Flavours: Blueberry, Sweet, Mango


  • Stimulates your appetite
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Helps with insomnia


  • Uplifting experience
  • Deep sense of relaxation
If you purchase this product you will earn 15-300 Points worth of $0.15-$3.00!
If you purchase this product you will earn 15-300 Points worth of $0.15-$3.00!
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Surprisingly sweet for a hash, True Blue All Natural Blueberry Hash is jam packed with fruity goodness.

At 70% indica 30% sativa, a little goes a long way. It makes this hybrid great value for money too.

Its fruity smell completely justifies the name and is matched by an equally realistic taste. Alongside the sweet, there’s also a faint hint of spice, culminating in a delightfully fragrant mix of flavors. Combine this with an earthy finish and you have a fresh and fruity party grounded in your palette.

With a soft, malleable texture, Blueberry Hash has a beautiful form. In addition to this, it also burns incredibly well. As a result, it is easy to smoke and provides a clean inhalation experience. Subsequently, this makes it perfect for anyone who is prone to a coughing fit when smoking cannabis.

A high THC content creates an uplifting experience, giving a fun feeling of mental euphoria. Alongside this, a deep sense of relaxation in the body soon follows, providing a mellowing finale to the occasion.

Perfect for stimulating your appetite, or reducing stress and anxiety, this is a versatile hash that can help melt away your troubles. Its sedating qualities can also be great if you are struggling with insomnia.

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Additional information


1 gram, 1 Oz., 1/2 Oz., 5 grams

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Blueberry Hash – True Blue All Natural

  1. Milad (verified owner)

    Smells exactly like blueberries, awesome

  2. Xavier

    Smell just like blueberries, never smell something so sweet from hash, ”Unique” !!!

  3. Johnny

    Very unique, smells like blue berries and best black hash I have tried ever actually

  4. michael (verified owner)

    read the reviews but underestimated how sweet it smells. Its all about them terpenes this smells and tastes delicious

  5. Stephen (verified owner)

    Smells tastes great another great product I hope never vanishes

  6. Tanya B (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff. Smells delicious great price. Burns well i would recomend this. Have been a repeat customer

  7. GiGifou (verified owner)

    guys. This is great! I smoked some and started a long ass breakdown with terms and processes. Then just erased it all because I’m way too baked for this.

    Bulberry flavour.
    Jam packed into soft beautiful black hash.
    Easy to use, easy to smoke. And very strong.

    Will buy again and again.

  8. redwing22 (verified owner)

    I’m pretty sure God’s grandma makes this stuff. 10/10

  9. hdaida

    This is some of the best stuff delivery meds does: top of the line basics, classic strains, hyper-dank, and the best source I know (but take that with a grain of salt) for hash and extracts on the internet. Blueberry has been a classic, on almost every order since dmeds started carrying it, and I’m glad to say the hash is blessed as well. My 5g ball has lasted me since the holidays (but you know buddy had reinforcements).

    A bit spicy, and those sweet, blueby terpenes. I like to heat some in a bit of coconut oil in a pan on the stovetop and have it with my coffee, but who knows—that’s just me. Delicious hash, folks. Super high and would recommend

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