Comatose Kief

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Strain: Comatose

Species: 20% Sativa / 80% Indica

Flavours: Tropical, Sweet, Earthy



This kief, made from Comatose plants, is a great way to enjoy all the effects of the Comatose strain in a concentrated from. The tiny, potent crystals are packed the only the best parts of the plant and give you a great way to take cannabis in a number of different ways. Comatose is a strain known for its ability to relax and sedate its users with a happy, unfocused high that will put you to sleep faster than most other stains. Hence its name. This strain is perfect for people who suffer from stress, pain and insomnia as it offers the great sedative effects with a high THC content.

1 review for Comatose Kief

  1. Fred H (verified owner)

    Very strong hitting and smelling! I tried lot’s of kief and this is the strongest yet! Thanks DM

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