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Death Bubba

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Strain: Death Bubba

Species: 30% Sativa / 70% Indica

THC/CBD Levels: 22% – 26%THC – 0.7%CBD


  • Helps with insomnia
  • Provides mental boost


  • Rush of euphoria
  • Highly sedative
  • Relaxing

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A native to British Columbia, Death Bubba is a reliable indica-dominant hybrid that has delighted cannabis enthusiasts since 2012.

This strain is a 70/30% split of indica and sativa. It owes much of its strength to parents Death Star and the hugely popular Bubba Kush.

With an incredibly potent THC content of 22-27% and just 0.7% CBD, Death Bubba can take you on a particularly heady adventure. Not one for beginners, this strain initiates a rush of euphoria, providing a mental boost that gives you a burst of energy.

As the high intensifies, your calm mind will begin to feel inwardly expansive. Soon a tingly feeling will spread to the body, resulting in a heavy pressure that will turn into a deep slumber. As a result, this is a strain best, if you take before bedtime.

This final destination ensures Death Bubba is perfect for anyone suffering with insomnia. The initial psychoactive high and sedating conclusion also make it ideal if you’re having a hard time relaxing.

A super-sticky product, its damp green nugs are undercut with a curranty purple and a smattering of fiery hairs. A thick coating of icing sugar trichomes engulf the olive-green leaves.

Giving off a pungent, dank and grassy aroma, Death Bubba has a surprisingly sweet and earthy taste of wild berries.

A roller coaster ride hybrid, strap yourself in for an exciting adventure before the drowsiness kicks in.

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Additional information


1 gram, 1 Oz.

Reviews (23)

23 reviews for Death Bubba

  1. Terrance (verified owner)

    A great bud for sure.

  2. expertism (verified owner)

    Good taste and smell for sure, gets me wrecked no complaints

  3. K (verified owner)

    I hate 5 star reviews, I mean if everyone rated everything 5 where would that put us? Well this is 5 star beautiful sticky icky the tric coverage clean clean clean burn just the way it should be done.My first order had my doubts deliverymeds is my goto now

  4. Richard (verified owner)

    Ordering more this very moment. Very potent indica, I get a bit of coughing but this stuff is a kick ass deal. Glad it’s back in stock. Now… Time to get some bubba kush back in stock and correct that spelling mistake in “buba”

    Thanks for doing what you do….

  5. frenzy (verified owner)

    Absolutely phenomenal, I wanted to try different MOMS but once I stumbled on deliverymeds I will never purchase from anyone else. High quality meds 100% of the time

  6. Xavier (verified owner)

    Sticky Sticky Sticky, tons of cristal, they would sell this thing 8-9$ on other mom ! This is a DEAL

  7. Doc (verified owner)

    I have paid more for lower quality examples of the same strain. Knocked my socks off.

  8. Sam S (verified owner)

    I third the sticky icky-ness. Opened the bag, took a whiff, “Yup”. Went to grab a nug, entire 7g came out stuck together. Sticky, dense, delicious. Arizer EQ’d.

    Nails these profiles –>

    which is good, because these are death bubba’s parents. Decent yummy example of Death.

  9. stephane l (verified owner)

    I can vouch for the stickyness 🙂 and the smell:) and potency 🙂 this is some nice flower . The price is a no brainer, i was skeptical but man was i surprised.

  10. Stephen (verified owner)

    Some batchs have a lil bit of dry mouth but don’t let that change ur mind, this is a very very high thc, slow burning, resin filled, not a good choice for begginers though 5 stars

  11. Lmortenson (verified owner)

    delivery meds .has quality control is #1. 5stars for this strains effects smell taste and medicinal atributes ty DM

  12. ice (verified owner)

    surpassed my expectation.

  13. Oyoki (verified owner)

    Very good high on my end, finished with a nap. Amazing smell and nice lookings buds. Very cheap price also. I would recommend.

  14. Kelly Trefry (verified owner)

    Very Beautiful buds, high potency, one of my favorites for sure!

  15. Darryl M (verified owner)

    Definitely my favourite strain on this site always so fresh & sticky , the nose is so strong and puts you out like a light at bed

  16. atth (verified owner)

    For the price, I expected far less potent weed. This stuff surprised me how good it was. Great high + great sleep after = great product/great distributor. Thanks DeliveryMeds.

  17. Sandra M (verified owner)

    Unbelievable quality, price and high!

  18. cassou_1801 (verified owner)

    Probably my favorite, definitely top 3! Sooo sticky! Dense, great taste. Id say it equals a 9-10$ dispensary buds.
    Really good deal! I order some all the time, I love it!

  19. Jarv (verified owner)

    Really sticky with a decent potency. Good flavor!

  20. Tfplum (verified owner)

    Very Relaxing and has a great smell. Ordered 5g’s and it’s perfect for a “off to bed” treat.

  21. brenda58 (verified owner)

    Death Bubba is an amazing, true BC bud. This flower is very earthy and every time I open the jar I am hit with pungent dankness. The THC level is said to be 26%, one bong hit is all you need. Definitely an evening to night-time strain. I smoked this during the day and it does encourage sleep. The onset high is very relaxing, however mildly stimulating. This is a great strain and one I will keep on hand when dm has it in stock!

  22. Michele M (verified owner)

    I have ordered from delivery meds a couple years I have not been disappointed with anything even the house Crush but his better than most weed and 150 in Oz and up and it makes amazing oil Bubba Kush big buds nice crystals I have not been disappointed with anything I’ve received from this company I’ve been going to others for about 8 months it’s time to come back to delivery meds their hash is also amazing.

  23. Greg (verified owner)

    After a productive shift at work I come home to my dm package safely in the mail. This death bubba is amazing. The only strain I didn’t care for was the UK cheese. Everything else has been beyond top shelf. And the house blend oz for a hundo? Forget about it ! That shits perfect. You guys source good shit. Thanks

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