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Strain: Iranian

Species: 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

THC/CBD Levels: 20%THC

Flavours: Coconut, Pineapple, Moss


  • Helps with insomnia
  • Provides deep sleep
  • Appetite stimulant


  • Sedating and calming effects
  • Full body and mind relaxation


A rare truly balanced hybrid, Iranian or Iranian OG Kush, is a 50/50 percent split of indica and sativa.

Bursting with natural, vibrant colors, its beautifully golden hairs wrap tightly around forest green buds. In addition to this, Iranian OG Kush is covered in golden clear trichomes, giving it an almost orange appearance.

Emitting a pungent scent, the taste and smell are reminiscent of hashish. Both sweet and earthy, the flavors have a fruity quality not too dissimilar to a pineapple.

Iranian is incredibly popular for its sedating and calming effects. As a result, this strain is perfect for anyone suffering with insomnia. To feel its full benefit here, try consuming just before bedtime. It will help you drift off into a deep, peaceful sleep.

As well as its beneficiaries to anyone needing a long rest, it’s also great as an appetite stimulant, or as an aid for feelings of nausea. Its balance of indica and sativa make for a head-to-toe high, capable of relaxing both the body and mind.

With roughly 20% THC levels and no CBD, it is a relatively potent strain. Subsequently, it is also worth noting that Iranian can take slightly longer to take effect than other hybrids of similar strengths.


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Additional information

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Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Iranian

  1. Don (verified owner)

    Nicely cured and smells wonderful.Strong cerebral effects with great pain control properties.This strain is different in a good way and I fully recommend it. 4.6 out of 5.

  2. Fiend (verified owner)

    Looks like it came straight out from the garden of eden. Highly recommend, better then most quads and nice nose and taste.
    Next up, time to try hash and kief 🙂 be sure to see my review for each!!

  3. Ashley J (verified owner)

    Love this bud! it has a nice healing effect it really helped ease my anxiety and migraine

  4. Quick666 (verified owner)

    Pour 140$ de los sa vaux la peine une belle qualité de cocotte bien fraîches un très bon goût au joints et au pl

  5. DanHaines91

    Same picture as blue dream? Just brightened up. That’s misleading

  6. dailycannadmin

    sorry wrong pic not misleading simple mistake

  7. steeloo47 (verified owner)

    Love this stuff! Smells amazing in the grinder and has a really smooth smoke. Definitely worth it, everyone should try this out!

  8. James t Moore (verified owner)

    Love this straine.. lots of orange hairs.. danhaines91. Try commenting on actual product and not simple web page mistakes.. lol

  9. Gordon E (verified owner)

    Another great strain for a good price. It tastes nice and smokes smooth with a nice hybrid buzz. Crazy amount of hairs it looks orange. Definitely feels like it’s close to 20% thc. Thanks deliverymeds 😀 (by the way the picture looks like the bud I got)

  10. GiGifou (verified owner)

    Beautiful flower. It was sweet tasting and I felt the effects immediately upon consuming. What a delicious strain. Will buy again.

  11. Tfplum

    Received this as a sample bud and I did not disappoint. Had a few friends over playing cards and it was a hit. Looks like uk cheese and smells amazing.

  12. Brett C

    Fairly sure I got some of this in my House Blend order. Smells great, nice ‘balanced’ high. Super orange, smells mango/pineapply. Recommended!

  13. trevor (verified owner)

    Lovely fruity smell and fabulous head-to-toe high; by far one of my favourite strains I’ve had!

  14. Jackaroo420 (verified owner)

    Good stuff for the price will order again

  15. Paulo Henouza (verified owner)

    Very good stuff and affordable price!

  16. Jackaroo420 (verified owner)

    Even better batch then the last time still great deal

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