Old School Black Hash

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10 grams for only $50

THC Level: 38-45%

CBD Level: Less than 1%


Helps with:

  • Anxiety or depression
  • Chronic pain and aches


  • Heavy sedated feel
  • Full body relaxation
If you purchase this product you will earn 7-1568 Points worth of $0.07-$15.68!
If you purchase this product you will earn 7-1568 Points worth of $0.07-$15.68!
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Old School Black hash truly lives up to its name. Made solvent free by extracting the trichomes from fresh flowers, then gently heated resulting in malleable hash. Its supple texture is perfect to break off into smaller pieces. This makes it ideal for adding to joints, putting in a bong or smoking on its own.

This Indica-dominant is a smooth hitter hybrid with flavor that will transport you to times gone by, while providing a full body high. Earthy, but with a slightly spicy afternote, its effects will earnestly have you drifting down memory lane.

It has a THC level of between 38-45% and little to no CBD. This probably isn’t suitable for beginners, or anyone with a long list of chores to do. On top of this, much smaller amounts can be consumed whilst still achieving the high you are after.

Its calming effect can help with anxiety or depression, in addition to taking away any aches and pains weighing you down.

Ideally, Black Hash is best consumed during a lazy evening in front of the TV or experiencing the blast from the past with friends which will have you couch locked; with a heavy body, sedated feel.

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Additional information


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Reviews (15)

15 reviews for Old School Black Hash

  1. trevor (verified owner)

    I love hash; the Old School Black Hash is a wonderful product, supple enough to break off into smaller pieces for putting into a bong or rolling in a joint. Smooth, flavourful, lovely body high. If you are looking for a great hash folks, this is the one.

  2. Jackaroo420 (verified owner)

    Great stuff much better looking in hand then pic

  3. Tfplum (verified owner)

    Best hash on the market for the price. I order this with every order and have never been so lost in time when I roll a nice hash joint before bed or during the day. Not recommend for church service or trying to get things done. It’s not for the beginner. Old school hash is AAA.

  4. Kujata (verified owner)

    Great taste and smell.
    Cant go wrong with old school black hash.
    Been buying it for years,
    Very consistent.

  5. Sandra

    Really satisfied. To me, potent! Sticky and a little harsh but the effects are fabulous. I have blueberry from elsewhere; the blueberry is flavourful and taste amazing but does not have the same effects.

  6. Sandra

    Also….delivery is within good timing.

  7. dinardo2626 (verified owner)

    wow such a good product for the price, really smooth taste. I rebuy it for sure !!!

  8. Bubba Dee (verified owner)

    Great stuff!

  9. CaptKush (verified owner)

    Omg ! I had 1 good bong rip with that last night and mixed into flower and “Jesus” good night 🙂 not for beginners , really good product

  10. Chris Babik (verified owner)

    Ive been smoking hash for 40 + years and this hash brings back old high school memories real old school great taste and buzz

  11. GmanGordobud (verified owner)

    All I smoke is hash and was born in 1970 so am ALWAYS looking for TRUE OLD SCHOOL HASH and this is one of the closest I have tried. I never review anything but felt compelled to write this review for others of my generation. at $50/10g it is well worth it.

  12. zamurin13 (verified owner)

    A long time hash smoker myself. This is a must buy.
    Reminds me of the nice charas I came across in Parvati Valley,India.
    Thank you,DM.

  13. Chris Trites (verified owner)

    Ordered 40g of old school black hash and it was the best hash I’ve smoked in years. Just ordered some more hope it’s the same batch. Very nice smoke fluff up real nice. High very euphoric

  14. mbzambri (verified owner)

    True to the name. My dad loves this stuff, says it reminds him of what he and his buddies used to smoke in the 80’s.

  15. James (verified owner)

    This hash is very potent. Not the best stuff I’ve ever smoked but it is the best I’ve smoked for the price. A tad harsh but a very good high. Smells really nice.

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