Outdoor Rockstar Kush Sold Per Oz


A potent medicinal strain, Rockstar Kush is a strong indica strain with the ability to promote muscle relaxation, reduce anxiety, reduce pain. It has skunky and pine undertones as its main flavour and aroma profile. This strain is best used in the evening for optimal benefits.



All the greatness of indoor Rockstar at a lower price. This heavy hitter is sure to please! Lovingly named for its amicable characteristics and unmistakable aroma, Rockstar Kush is a classic Indica. Its potent medical benefits make it the perfect choice for anyone seeking relief from pain, anxiety and sleeplessness. At its core, the Rockstar Kush strain delivers a powerful body high while soothing your mind and calming you into a deep sleep. The couch-lock effect will have you feeling blissfully relaxed in no time. It’s also great for people looking to unwind at the end of the day.