Strawberry Haze

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Strain: Strawberry Haze

Species: 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

THC/CBD Levels: 23%THC – 1.2% CBD

Flavours: Strawberry, cream, citrus



An award winning cannabis strain that has a 10 week flowering time. This longer than normal flowering time allows for this strain to posses a powerful and highly sought out 20% THC content. Strawberry Haze has a kush like scent to it that is hidden by it fruit counterpart. Enjoy this simple plan and maintain a positive and relaxed evening. This pleasant strain has a high THC level of around 23% and CBD levels of around 1.2%. Try this amazing strain today and get hit its strawberry wonders!

3 reviews for Strawberry Haze

  1. Randy L (verified owner)

    Very nice hybrid. This weed hoots and smells incredable. Very nice high, and for 6$/gram its well worth it

  2. tp2503 (verified owner)

    Another tasty flavour. Thanks DM.

  3. Jackar (verified owner)

    Super strawberry taste amazing fir price

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