Triple Refined Cannabis distillate

Triple Refined Cannabis distillate


1 gram  vile of pure flavored distillate

This raw form of distillate from cannabis derived terpenes will help with relaxation.

Flavors available

  • Bubblegum
  • Coffee Crisp


Our Cannabis distillate is a highly versatile product that can be dabbed, vaporized, administered under the tongue, or rubbed on the skin. Since the product comes in an unflavored form, it is often used to create delicious edibles. Combining distillate with other products can help users individualize their treatment regimes and people with chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety and sleep disorders benefit from its effects. Also available in a variety of flavors, Triple Refined Cannabis Distillate is a pure, clear oil manufactured from cannabis-derived terpenes that will induce deep and long-lasting feelings.


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